[Scan & Motion Systems] SCANcube® 7/8.5/10/14

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SCANcube® 7/8.5/10/14

Key Features
• Compact & lightweight design
• Robust, sealed housing
• High dynamic performance
• Large selection of mirror coatings

Typical Applications
• Marking tasks
• Semiconductor-industry materials processing
• Microstructuring
• Processing-on-the-fly

The primary area of application is the fast and precise positioning of mirrors for the deflection of laser beams. The exceptional dynamics of SCANLAB's dynAXIS® scanners are the result of years of experience in developing and manufacturing scanners, scan systems and scan solutions for industrial use. The motor section of each dynAXIS® is ideally matched to the inertial load presented by the mirror. The optimized rotor design is largely responsible for the favorable dynamic properties and resonance characteristics. Axially pre-loaded precision ball bearings guarantee a backlash-free rotor assembly with high stiffness and low friction. Special attention has been paid to long bearing lifetimes.

The optical position detector system is characterized by high resolution, as well as good repeatability and drift values. The scanners are equipped with heaters and temperature sensors (except dynAXIS® XS). This allows temperature stabilization for further enhancing long-term stability, even under fluctuating ambient conditions. SCANLAB provides all dynAXIS® scanners with suitable mirrors and mirror coatings for all typical laser wavelengths. In addition to very good reflection properties, the mirrors are also optimized with respect to inertial load, stiffness and flatness. The high quality of SCANLAB's galvanometer scanners enables error-free operation in long-term and continuous use. Comprehensive measurements on custom test benches assure that the highest level of quality is continuously maintained.


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