[Scan & Motion Systems] hurrySCAN® (II) 7,10,14, SCANgine ®10/14

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hurrySCAN® (II) 7,10,14, SCANgine ®10/14

Typical Fields of Application:
• Industry: marking, laser materials processing, electronics production, microstructuring, rapid manufacturing, stereolithography
• Medicine
• Science and research

These compact scan heads from SCANLAB provide optimal solutions for nearly all challenges found in industrial laser materials processing. The mechanically and electrically inter-compatible scan heads have apertures ranging from 7 to 14 mm and various levels of dynamics. High long-term stability and low drift values are ensured via integrated temperature stabilization.

A uniform housing concept as well as tight manufacturing and assembly tolerances bring high flexibility and certainty to the design and operation of laser materials processing systems. This also enables speedy adaptation to individual customer requirements.

The hurrySCAN® II set new high-end performance standards with their optimized combination of dynAXIS® galvanometer scanners, mirror designs and high-performance electronics.

The high quality of SCANLAB's scan heads is the result of more than twelve years of experience in the development and manufacture of galvanometer scanners and scan systems. In addition, each scan head must first pass the SCANcheck burn-in test before it is released for shipment to the customer.


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