[Scan & Motion Systems] intelliSCAN® 7/10/14, intelliSCAN® 20/25/30

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The intelliSCAN® series of scan heads features digital servo electronics based on SCANLAB's iDRIVE® technology. Employing high-performance algorithms for controlling the industry-proven dynAXIS® galvanometer scanners, these digital servos enable improved dynamics and marking quality. In addition, the electronics extensively enhance the range of diagnosis possibilities as well as communication between the scan system and the customer’s control computer.

SCANLAB can equip its digital servo firmware with multiple control algorithms and parameter sets. Switching between different algorithms or sets (even during processing) allows scan head dynamics etc. to be reconfigured and thereby optimally adapted to particular task requirements.

The intelliSCAN® allows real-time monitoring of all key operational states of the scan system, such as mirror positions and speeds, drive currents, supply voltage and temperature. As a result, processing operations can be simulated or ? especially in safety-critical applications ? monitored, logged and modified if required.

The intelliSCAN® also creates new remote-diagnosis possibilities. It has the necessary facilities to support software-querying of accumulated operating hours, serial number, date-of-manufacture and essential operational states. Thus, deviations can be quickly detected and corrected.


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