[Scan & Motion Systems] intelliDRILL® 20/30

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intelliDRILL® 20/30

Typical Applications:
• Drilling circuit boards
• Perforating foils
• Texturing surfaces

intelliDRILL® scan modules are optimized for laser-based material processing applications that require numerous positioning and operation steps (jump and shoot), e.g. drilling printed circuit boards or perforating foils. The modules' low-weight mirrors and digital servo electronics enable beam positioning with maximum speed and precision.

The servo jump algorithms achieve minimum travel times and well-behaved settling performance even over widely varying distances. The intelliDRILL® modules are thus predestined for very high raster frequencies.

Optional water cooling of the products' scanners and electronics ensures reliability even under challenging operational conditions.

intelliDRILL® users benefit from a palette of features enabled by SCANLAB's iDRIVE® technology, including real-time monitoring and remote diagnosis of key operational states, internal monitoring capabilities, simulation-assisted process optimization and utilization of various dynamics tunings.


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