[Scan & Motion Systems] hurrySCAN® II 7/(II,III) 10, 14/20/25/30

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hurrySCAN® II 7/(II,III) 10, 14/20/25/30

Typical Fields of Application:
• Laser materials processing: welding, cutting, drilling, texturing, marking, hardening, deep engraving, microstructuring
• Rapid prototyping, rapid tooling
• 3D applications
• Processing-on-the-fly

These scan heads are designed to quickly and precisely deflect and position laser beams with powers up to the kilowatt range. With apertures of 20, 25 and 30 mm, small spot sizes are achieved along with large image fields. Stable operating conditions and high long-term stability are provided by water cooling of the entrance aperture, electronics and galvanometer scanners, supplemented by air cooling of the deflection mirrors. This also ensures reliable operation with applications requiring high laser powers. The compact housing is dustproof and water spray resistant. Attachment provisions at the water-cooled beam entrance and at the beam exit ease installation of add-on components such as focusing lenses and cross jets. The hurrySCAN® 20, hurrySCAN® 25 and hurrySCAN® 30 are inter-compatible and can be controlled via SCANLAB's RTC® PC interface boards. The high quality of SCANLAB's scan heads is the result of more than twelve years of experience in the development and manufacture of galvanometer scanners and scan systems. In addition, every scan system must first pass the SCANcheck burn-in test before it is released for shipment to the customer.


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