[Scan & Motion Systems] intelliWELD® 30 FC

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Typical Fields of Application:
• Robot-assisted welding ("remote welding")
• 3D applications
• Processing-on-the-fly

Designed for robot-assisted welding applications, this 3D-scan system is capable of swiftly positioning the laser beam along 3D contours. While a robot guides the scan system along a part's contour, the intelliWELD® 30 FC quickly and accurately moves and fine-positions the laser spot. Complex robotic motions and fast robotic repositioning are thereby avoided, thus reducing positioning times between spot welds to a few milliseconds. The result is substantially enhanced utilization of the laser source.

Despite its 30 mm aperture, the intelliWELD® 30 FC occupies a remarkably small volume, making it easily mountable on welding robots, even in difficult-to-access locations. Its optics are optimized for fiber-coupled disk or fiber lasers with powers up to 8 kW.

The intelliWELD® 30 FC incorporates SCANLAB's fully digital iDRIVE® technology, offering an integrated approach to laser and process safety. This allows real time monitoring of all important scan head status parameters. A software-independent interlock signal indicates abnormal operational states.


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