[Scan & Motion Systems] intelliWELD® PR/II FT

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intelliWELD® PR/II FT

Typical Applications:
• Robot-assisted welding (remote welding)
• 3D applications
• Processing-on-the-fly

Typical Industries:
• Automotive
• Mechanical engineering and metalworking
• Aerospace industry

Designed for robot-assisted welding applications, intelliWELD 3D scan systems are capable of swiftly positioning the laser beam along 3D contours. While a robot guides the scan system along a part’s contour, the intelliWELD quickly and accurately deflects and fine-positions the laser spot. Complex motions and time-wasting robot repositioning are avoided, thereby boosting speeds and cutting weld-to-weld positioning time down to a few milliseconds. Hence, beam source utilization climbs significantly, as does productivity.

The intelliWELD system's compactness facilitates straightforward mounting onto industrial robots. Its optics are optimized for fibercoupled disk or fiber lasers with powers up to 8 kW.

The intelliWELD family includes a version with prefocus optics for vision-assisted applications (e.g. fillet welding with precise contour tracking), as well as the newly developed intelliWELD II with integrated zoom axis (particularly well-suited for overlap welding, its variable spot size enables flexible seam widths).
intelliWELD scan systems use SCANLAB’s fully digital iDRIVE technology, providing an integrated approach to laser and process safety. It allows real-time monitoring of all important scan head status parameters. And its integrated interlock signal facilitates softwareindependent integration of the scan system into safety circuits.


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