[Scan & Motion Systems] powerSCAN® 33/50(i)/70(i)

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powerSCAN® 33/50(i)/70(i)

Typical Fields of Application:
• Laser materials processing: welding, cutting, drilling, hardening, perforating, texturing, surface treatment
• Laser processing of organic materials such as paper, textiles, foils,leather
• Rapid manufacturing: laser sintering, rapid tooling
• 3D applications
• Processing-on-the-fly

The scan systems of the powerSCAN series enable positioning multiple kilowatts of laser power onto a workpiece in just a few milliseconds. In combination with a varioSCAN, the laser beam can be dynamically focused within working volumes, thus allowing non-flat workpieces to be processed. SCANLAB precisely optimizes and tunes all optical components to one another to ensure maximum focus quality and stable process parameters.

Apertures up to 70 mm allow small spot sizes and therefore high power densities even with large working distances. The XY mirrors and the varioSCAN's optics are air cooled, while the scanners, electronics and varioSCAN are water cooled. This ensures reliable operation with excellent long-term stability ? even under challenging environmental conditions and with high laser powers. the powerSCAN systems can be controlled by using a SCANLAB RTC® interface board. Thus, even complex applications can be easily implemented.

Each axis of powerSCAN 50 and powerSCAN 70 is individually implemented as a sealed submodule a calibrated and tuned unit containing a galvanometer scanner with a mirror and the scanner's driver electronics. Thus, rapid exchangability of individual axes is ensured. Located in a separate sealed base module, the modularly-designed main electronics provide functions such as a digital interface and the power management system with comprehensive monitoring functions


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