[Scan & Motion Systems] varioSCAN® 20/40(FLEX)/60/80

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varioSCAN® 20/40(FLEX)/60/80

Typical Fields of Application:
• Laser materials processing: welding, cutting, drilling
• Laser deep engraving
• Rapid prototyping, rapid tooling
• Microstructuring
• 3D workpiece processing

varioSCAN dynamic focusing devices enable the laser focus to be moved quickly and precisely along the optical axis. This is achieved via an optical element driven by a high-performance, tilt-free linear motor.

In XY scan systems, the varioSCAN can replace costly flat field objectives. The varioSCAN is an exceptionally ideal solution in applications for which standard flat field objectives are unavailable. The varioSCAN can also extend XY scan systems into 3D beam deflection systems. The laser focus is guided along the contour of the workpiece being processed, thus enabling processing in three dimensions. The varioSCAN 40FLEX additionally allows continuously adjusting the image field size, working distance and spot size.

Controlling both an XY scan unit and the varioSCAN is easily achieved via SCANLAB's RTC® interface boards. SCANLAB offers optical configurations for a wide variety of working distances, image field sizes, beam diameters, wavelengths and laser powers. For fiber-coupled lasers, SCANLAB offers the varioSCAN FC. the varioSCAN 40's integrated air and water cooling ensure operation at very high laser powers. The varioSCAN 20 can be optionally equipped with a water-cooled entrance aperture.


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