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Other Products

synthetic crystals and optical components used primarily in the solid-state laser industry

Air-Spaced Polarizing Cubes and Optical Assemblies

Type 1​ Type 2​ Type 3​​​
Polarization transmittance, TP > 98.0% > 97.5%
> 97.0%​
Contrast ratio, TP / TS
> 500:1 > 500:1 ​> 500:1
Damage threshold @ 1064nm, 20nspulse​
500MW/cm2 500MW/cm2 ​300MW/cm2
Transmitted wavefront distortion @ 633nm
< 1/8ë​ < 1/8ë < 1/4ë​
Transmitted beam deviation
< 2arc minutes < 3arc minutes
< 3arc minutes​
Reflected beam deviation​ < 4arc minutes​ < 4arc minutes
< 4arc minutes​
Acceptance angle
+0.5° to -0.5°​ +0.5° to -0.5°
+0.5° to -0.5°​
Surface quality, scratch-dig
​20 - 10 40 - 15
60 - 20​
Surface reflectivity
< 0.15%
​< 0.25% < 0.25%​
​Operating temperature range -40°C to +70°C​ -40°C to +70°C
-40°C to +70°C​
Standard wavelength
​1064nm 1064nm​
Data Sheet

Bonded YAG Optics

Optical properties of YAG bonds:

  • Transmitted wavefront distortions low Peak to Valley.
  • Opto-lase grade wavefront distortion achieved in bonded rods.
  • Mean stress birefringence decreases > 25% below as-grown contacted crystals following bonding heat treatment.
  • Loss contribution of bonds is negligible.

High strength YAG bonds:

  • >30% higher average strength in flexure tests than competitor bonds.
  • Bond failures do not originate at the bond interface.
  • Increased reliability indicated by higher Weibull modulus values.
  • All SYNOPTICS bonds pass boiling water thermal shock testing.

Materials available for bonding:

  • All garnet materials (Nd:YAG, CTH:YAG, Er:YAG, GGG)
  • Ceramic Nd:YAG
  • Fluoride materials (Nd:YLF)
  • Contact SYNOPTICS for bonding of other materials

For more information contact the Sales Team: E-mail | (031) 8019 8055

Contract Crystal Growth

We have more expertise on crystal growth than any other company in the world. Our capabilities include Czochralski, Flux, Hydrothermal, and Liquid Phase Epitaxy growth technologies. Some examples of contract laser crystals are shown below:

Material​ ​​ Examples​​ ​​ Application​​ ​​
RE-doped Aluminum Garnets Nd, Cr:YAG
RE-doped Gallium Garnets
​Nd:GGG Lasers
​RE-doped Scandium Garnets
​Nd, Cr:GSGG
RE-doped vanadates
RE:perovskites​ ​Tm:YAIO3 (YAP) ​Lasers
​Yb:SFAP ​Lasers
LGB, lithium gadolinium borate
​Ce:Li6 Gd B3 O9 ​Neutron detector
Strontium iodide
​Eu:Srl2 ​Scintillator
TGAG​ ​Terbium Gallium Aluminum Garnet ​Faraday rotator / isolator
Data Sheet


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